My Order

I received a shipping confirmation, but there are no tracking details

Tracking details are provided once the package is labeled and ready to ship. The confirmation is provided at the time of purchase to ensure the receipt of order and provide the order number.  If you do not receive an email with your tracking information on it please do check your spam folder.

What if I receive wrong or damaged item(s)?

Reservebar works hard to ensure that orders are fulfilled to our standards, but we and our partners are human, and the occasional accident is bound to happen. If you received the wrong item, a damaged item, or an incomplete order, please take the following steps to alert us. ReserveBar does know how upsetting these circumstances can be and are happy to make every effort to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

1. If possible, take a photo of the item(s) in question. It will help us educate our partners.

2. Email us at (email here) including the photo if available.

3. Leave the rest to us. We’ll solve the problem and get back to you ASAP.

I am missing items from my order.

ReserveBar does our best to ensure that orders with multiple products arrive together, however in some instances that is not always possible. In most cases when we need to ship separately, the products will arrive within 24 hours of each other.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within one hour of placing the order however after the one hour timeframe please be aware that we may need to reach out to our Fulfillment Team first to see if this order can be canceled.  If you have requested to cancel the order in off hours it will be honored as soon as we open the next business day.  In both scenarios, if your order has already been labeled or is already in transit we will need to make sure the order can be recalled or pulled from the shipping dock before we can refund.  In the event that it does ship and the package cannot be recalled you have the option to refuse the package and have it return to the sender and we can refund you at that time.

How old do you have to be to place and receive an order?

You or a trusted adult over the age of 21 must provide a signature.

The fine print: packages containing alcohol will not be left on doorsteps. Delivery will be attempted 3 times total—after the 3rd attempt, your order will be returned, which would be less than ideal.

Shipping & Delivery

Where is my order? (How can I track it)

Once your order is prepared to ship, you will receive a shipping notification that contains a tracking number.  Use the “track my package” feature within that email to link to our tracking page.   If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder.

Please note that you will not see movement on the tracking number until it has been scanned into the local shipping facility. This typically happens within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of the package.  Once this has been done you can check the tracking number to see when your package will arrive.

When will my order ship?

ReserveBar makes every effort to ship all of our orders in a timely manner, often within 5-7 business days upon ordering.  Some delays may occur depending on the delivery zone and rarity of the product.

ReserveBar offers Ground Shipping and has a 5-7 business day (Monday-Friday) delivery window.

Please Note:  Ground shipments are picked up and delivered M-F.  Orders placed on the weekend or on holidays will be processed the following business day.  If at any point you see an issue with your tracking and need assistance please contact our Customer Help via customerhelp@reservebar.com.

Payments & Refunds

Can I return my purchase?

ReserveBar does not accept returns unless it meets one of the following criteria within 30 days of delivery: 

1. Damaged, Missing or Wrong Item:  If you receive your order and they find any of the items to be damaged, missing, or not what you ordered.  We can provide you with either refund you or resend your correct items.  On some occasions the fulfillment center will ask you to ship the item back by providing a return label or call tag.

How long will my refund take?

ReserveBar will process refunds as soon as possible.  If your package has been labeled for shipment, ReserveBar is required to request cancelation from the Fulfillment team before we are able to issue a refund.  ReserveBar works seamlessly with our Brand Partners policies and procedures therefore some refund requirements may vary.  Please note, if you are sending a package back to us, you will be refunded once the package is tracked for return. Refunds sometimes take 24-72 hours to appear back in your account. This depends upon the bank card that was used and their policies.